Silicon Valley Ruby Meetup – Sinatra

More to come…

Recorded audio from the presentation

Unbeknownst to me, Sinatra was once of the presenations at #RubyKaigi 2010 in Japan. What’s really amazing to me is that on the other side of the world two speakers were basically spreading the good word in a very similar way. Of the many similarities between our presentations, one was that we were reinforcing the notion of Rack being the fundamental and foundational awesomeness of Sinatra. Here is the link to Jiang Wu’s presentation

Check out how Sinatra’s syntactic sugar is spreading in other languages. Have a look at express, it is Sinatra like framework based on node.js.

2 thoughts on “Silicon Valley Ruby Meetup – Sinatra”

  1. Thanks for posting this – I missed the presentation and googled your name to ask for the slides and code, but here it is!

    @ slide 16 – anything labeled “The Internets”, I approve.

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